Bar Sports Academy

Our Professional videos help you get on the radar of college/university coaches by:

  • Turning your favourite sports clips into a fully edited montage 

  • Use of spot shadows for easy player recognition

  • Positioning of your video on the B.A.R YouTube channel so you can easily share it 

  • Integration of your video in your free profile on the B.A.R Sports App

B.A.R also offers advisory services for student athletes and their families as well as "The Academy" 

Pixellot Air

An integrated mobile solution for video capture, review and analysis

Pixellot’s affordable and lightweight video camera for sports, tracks and records every match and practice, automatically! Now, academies and grassroots sports can capture and analyze every move with video analysis tools that are used and perfected by the world’s elite clubs 

The Pixellot solution includes a portable and lightweight AI-automated camera that captures the entire field and tracks the game automatically, with no need for a video operator. 


Pixellot’s game breakdown and analytics platform used by professional teams, leagues and colleges around the world

VidSwap is a sports video analytics software and a video-sharing solution designed specifically to serve sports organizations, coaches, leagues, and teams. The solution breaks down games and pre-tags all the action to save coaches time while enabling them to improve team performance and teach more effectively.