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Game Day Video's AI Automated Highlights

 Our mission is to provide top quality game recording equipment and services from grassroots up to the elite level for multilple sports, for a single game up to large tournaments and events.  Using the newest equipment on the market and leveraging our partnership with Pixellot, Game Day Video elevates your game recording experience.   

Sports Highlights

Pixellot cameras use AI to automatically follow the play with many different sports. To view some examples click the sport.


Game Day Video is excited to bring AI Automated cameras to you with the Pixellot Air. An integrated mobile solution for video capture, review and analysis

Pixellot’s affordable and lightweight video camera for sports, tracks and records every match and practice, automatically! Now, academies and grassroots sports can capture and analyze every move with video analysis tools that are used and perfected by the world’s elite clubs 

The Pixellot solution includes a portable and lightweight AI-automated camera that captures the entire field and tracks the game automatically, with no need for a video operator. 

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