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Goal Keeper
  • How does the video camera work?
    Pixellot’s camera systems contain multiple cameras in a single camera head unit, which itself is powered by a computer tower (video processing unit). The feed from each camera is stitched together to form a panoramic view of the field of play. From this panoramic view, the relevant algorithm for the sport is applied to create an authentic broadcast feed that follows the action, zooming in/out and panning left/right.
  • How reliable is the tracking technology?
    Pixellot developed algorithms specifically for each sports type to ensure that we can replicate the behavior of a traditional camera operator, predicting and following the natural flow of the match. With over 90,000 hours of live content being produced every month on our systems, there is a huge quantity of sampling that enriches the self-learning AI technology and continually improve results.
  • What sports do you cover?
    Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Futsal, Handball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Lacrosse, Softball, Rugby, Beach Volleyball, and Roller Hockey. Additional sports can also be covered when there is an equivalent algorithm that can be used (e.g. Netball can be filmed well using the Basketball algorithm).
  • What is AI-Automation?
    AI-Automation is the patented technological heart of Pixellot solutions which produces professional looking games with zooms and pans on the action using software and fixed cameras.
  • Where should the camera be located?
    The camera head needs to be located midfield (midcourt), at a height that covers the fields 4 corners. The camera head is connected to the computer tower (video processing unit). This can be located any distance away (e.g. 100m+). The distance will determine the length and type of cabling required to connect both components.
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