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Soccer Game

Pixellot’s low-cost, fully-automated video production solutions bring broadcast-quality sports footage of youth teams to friends, fans, and families. With Pixellot’s cost effective, high quality automated video production solution, youth teams can select, edit and share their favorite memories.

Here are basic instructions and below you will find videos that will show you how to use the Pixellot Air. If you still have questions view our FAQ


  1. Set up your tripod

    • Tripod should be centered to the field or game you are trying to record

    • Ensure that the tripod is in a solid, flat location

    • Use sandbags to stabilize the tripod

  2. Turn on Pixellot Air and attach it to the tripod

  3. Connect to the Pixellot Air with the Pixellot Control App on your phone

  4. Elevate camera to desired height.  Review the playing field to ensure all corners are in the camera’s view

  5. Press Record




Before you start the Pixellot Air for the first time take a few minutes and watch the videos below to help you understand all about the Pixellot Air.  Each video is only 1 -2 minutes long.

Pixellot Air Background
Get to know
The Pixellot App
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